All of Saint-Tropez comes for the famous fruit tarts that have built the bakery's reputation. Using a caramel foundation and fruits ranging from apricots to apples, plums, figs, or pears, these tarts are baked using a secret and intricate family recipe that guarantees their flavor. “It is one of the specialties of Jean-Marc, our pastry chef,” says Sophie Delpui. A business began running on this site in 1830, and Sophie notes with pride that, “Our archives show that in 1900 it was already a bakery.” It was two brothers, André and Thierry Delpui, who took over the bakery 35 years ago. Sophie, who is married to André, emphasizes that family is essential to the business. “We work with Andy and Ilona, the children of my late brother-in-law, and Elisa, my daughter,” says Sophie. “We are extremely attached to the artisanal character of our bakery. We work with organic flours, we offer a variety of bread, including gluten-free, and traditional brioches and cakes baked with the freshest products, all with impeccable traceability.” There are no powdered substitutes or industrial ingredients for the Delpui family: fresh eggs, milk, and butter along with local fruit from nearby Grimaud are part of their uncompromising commitment to quality. Day after day, Tropezians, tourists, and the owners of the boats moored in the port come to admire the bakery with its cream-white façade and golden moldings. In fact, the building has been placed on the official list of French historical monuments. In the shop windows, the traditional “pan bagnat” tuna sandwiches, prepared day after day with AOP de Provence olive oil, are displayed next to other delectable sandwiches, lemon tarts, a range of éclairs to be swooned over, and the chocolate fondant cakes–which Sophie notes are very successful. And, of course, you will never forgive yourself if you don't try one of the custardy Tarte Tropéziennes that have contributed to the renown of this little bakery over the years.

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