The first Bla is Marie-Christine Blanc. The second is Viviane Vidal de la Blache. Bla Bla: simple, logical, fun! Despite the different lives they led before meeting, these two dynamic women have always had one foot in the fashion world. For the first “Bla”, Marie-Christine, the story begins in the early 1970s when she ran two ready-to-wear boutiques called La Grande Truanderie. One was located on rue Saint-Denis in Paris, the other on the port of Saint-Tropez. Ten years later, Marie-Christine got married, temporarily leaving the clothing business to raise goats and sell cheese in Saint-Tropez with her sweetheart. “But, I ended up leaving the goats and my husband to return to my first love: fashion.” That's when the second “Bla”, Viviane, entered the picture. She too had enjoyed a fabulous Parisian life. She learned from top young designers such as Agnès b., Castelbajac, or Nicole Farhi, who were working with her father, Zyga Pianko, the founder of the Pierre d'Alby brand. Despite her love of Paris, one day she too decided to change her life! Viviane left the French capital for Saint-Tropez with her three children and handsome husband in tow. She opened her first Tropezian clothing boutique with another Marie. The place underwent several name changes before becoming “Bazar, dit-elle”, a play on the title of a Marguerite Duras novel (both women were passionate about literature). Later, it would become “Bla Bla”, but that was only after Marie-Christine entered the business. First, however, the three women became friends. Three liberated women, still inspired by the ideas and beautiful utopias of the May 1968 student revolution. The women became associates, although things changed a little when the first Marie left to pursue other dreams, but the shop continued and is still thriving today. Marie-Christine and Viviane are also thriving, and, as always, they are faithful to the spirit of the times. “We have the same state of mind we had when we started. We've always had our vision of fashion, we only sell items that we like, clothes we fall in love with.” The proof? Their perpetual search for promising designers from around the world: Bokja from Lebanon, Siyu from Spain, Avant Toi and Niù from Italy, Gilda Midani from Brazil, Yavï from India, One Season from Australia, and, from their native France, Jamin Puech, Zazo, Leon & Harper, and V de Vinster… These are the names behind their favorite designs, but, over the years, these men and women have also become friends… At Bla Bla, the styles and colors mix together on the shelves and hangers. The materials—linen, silk, cotton, cashmere, wool, and even sequins!—form a fantastic patchwork of chic and casual that begs to be discovered or rediscovered ad infinitum...

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