“At the School of Architecture in Viña del Mar, next to Valparaiso, students always associated architectural and poetic acts. I like this idea. I also look for the precision and congruity of the construction. I'm interested in shaking up habits a bit. For example, I find that sometimes it's better to have a nice, well-framed view rather than a huge bay window, or beautiful louvered shutters rather than soulless rolling shutters. You can also think about alternatives to air conditioning, such as using the right materials or choosing the right orientation. The traditional ways of building have their raison d'être, and we must take an interest in them so we can rediscover the time-honored methods and materials. But I don't necessarily adhere to tradition; I like to open a dialogue and, above all, to make a dream come true. The pragmatic aspects come next. I want my architecture to be in harmony with the place, with the habits of the residents, and with the dream I am entrusted with.”

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