It's the story of a venerable local business, a Tropezian institution that Thierry Latini and his son Romain now lovingly safeguard. Thierry took over this family shop in February 2002 and passed on his love of the profession to Romain. Founded more than 100 years ago, this is the last butcher's shop in Saint-Tropez and it is a vital part of the town's heritage. It owes its success to the relationships that have been built over the years between the owners, the producers, and the customers. “We work directly with our suppliers,” explains Thierry, citing the example of the beef farmer in Saint-Astier, in the heart of the Périgord, who he has been visiting regularly for over 30 years. “We also sell Sisteron lamb and Corrèze veal. We visit the farms and are very attentive to animal welfare. For us, respect for tradition is essential.” Romain, who is just 30 years old, learned the trade from his father. Beyond his profound commitment to quality products, he embraces the family belief that sharing knowledge is the key to developing the profession and responding to people's needs. “What I like the most,” says Romain, “is that we learn something new every day. Our customers are connoisseurs and they are constantly demanding the very best.” Once again this year, it is the aged meats and premium meats that are the most coveted. For certain meats such as Sashi beef (gold medal at the World Steak Challenge), Wagyu beef, or Kobe beef, the aging process can take 90 days! “We offer beautiful cuts to grill, a festive selection of charcuterie such as sausages or chipolata, and a range of cheeses matured to perfection,” explains Thierry, as he points out a Saint-Nictaire, a Roquefort cheese, and a fresh local goat's cheese. Here, conviviality and excellence are combined to guarantee a delicious summer.

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