“Whether it involves grading and excavation, demolition, roadwork and utility networks, rockfill, or lifting operations, we have the good fortune to work on truly exceptional projects and at sites that are really out of the ordinary. No two jobs are identical; it's highly motivating because it means our days are never the same. It's also nice to see that the architects trust us. We work together, and we are committed to achieving the best possible results with them. The client has their expectations and we must listen, adapt, and do our best to achieve the objectives while staying on schedule. For us, what matters is this work process. Our role is to find the absolute best means to achieve our clients' goals. The people who work for Espace Service TP have been with me since the beginning, and I have complete confidence in them. We all pay close attention to details, and we share the passion for our job, the ambition to do well, and the desire to satisfy the customer.”

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