As the guardian of Club 55’s spirit of simple joys and carefree living, Patrice de Colmont keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground. At his beach club, where people come to savor the pleasures of the sun and the sea, it is also essential to serve natural, delectable food. “The menu is ‘Provençal by the sea’ and the dishes are not cooked by professionals, but rather by people committed to serving local seasonal products that resonate with our environment and our history,” says Patrice. He is a close friend of the agrarian philosopher Pierre Rabhi, and together they have created an endowment fund designed to save people from famine by enabling them to become self-sufficient in food while respecting the land. Patrice has always been concerned about how produce is grown and how land is treated, so when he purchased the farm, it was a six-hectare commitment to his green philosophy. “Permaculture and biodynamic farming produce very good crops when the technique is followed rigorously,” he says. At the Ferme du Vallon des Bouis, nature does much of the work, but it is helped by Astrakan, a maestro of a plow horse. “People have the false impression that with more money, you can achieve happiness,” says Patrice, who draws his joy from wine, olive oil, and market gardening. This self-taught farmer is especially motivated by the market that he organizes at the farm. Shepherds and cattle breeders are invited, along with artisans such as Loïc de Saleneuve, a farmer and cheesemaker. Patrice makes wine but doesn't place too much emphasis on it because, as he says, “Soon, we'll be making outstanding wines all over the world, whereas producing high-quality fruit and vegetables is not so common.” Patrice has also set himself an educational mission. “I am an apostle,” he says. “I attempt to convert the people who are most skeptical, and I try to do the best and make sure they spend their food budget in the best way.” Patrice De Colmont is a profound humanist and an extremely honest man. And perhaps a friend too?

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