At first, I am alone with a client, a place, and a dream. My role is to bring that dream to life. I want everything to be flawless. I only work with service providers that I know well, who I trust completely. The art of a successful celebration requires that everyone does their job in an exemplary manner, and I'm here to make sure of that. It requires meticulous management, a great deal of rigor, and a well-developed sense of foresight. 200 people are expected? I know we'll have to provide a car park and a shuttle bus. Are there neighbors around the villa? We'll have to warn them in advance… My daily routine is to respond to the most extravagant requests. Sometimes I've organized a party in two days! Fatigue and sleepless nights don't scare me, and when the guests arrive and I hear them marvel at what has been created, then I am happy.”

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