“What I like are the homes and the people… I immerse myself, I listen, and I observe to create a space that is in harmony with its residents. I spent every summer of my childhood in a small dry-stone house on the beach of Gigaro. I built huts in the trees of Cap Lardier, and I created a universe in my room that changed with the seasons. The moon, the shooting stars, the salt, the wind… what inspires me, what animates me and still nourishes me today, is nature. I love wood, metal, materials that last. I started designing furniture in 2010. When I create something, I want it to last, to be handed down to future generations. I don't just do my job, I live it, I feel it at every moment. It's not a posture, it's a state of mind. I set up my agency in Saint-Tropez, then in Paris, and I came back to La Croix-Valmer in 2000. I've been working with the same companies for years. I have great respect for the craftspeople I work with. It is thanks to them that what I imagine can take shape.”

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