A line from The Leopard, Luchino Visconti’s classic film, comes to mind: “Everything must change so that nothing changes.” Founded 30 years ago by Carmen and Dominique Tienvrot, the Fromagerie du Marché was temporarily closed before reopening this year under the guidance of new investors. What’s the difference? The shop has a fresh outlook, and the new owners are committed to keeping this Place aux Herbes landmark open so it doesn’t become another jewelry store or an umpteenth franchise, as happens too often in this town that is so prized by the big retailers. “Keeping the cheese shop open was almost a public service mission,” says one of the investors. “Since the town hall didn’t take action, we did.” This project was a labor of love for this benevolent trio of investors: natives of Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, who are all devoted to Saint-Tropez. This is a shop that prides itself on welcoming both regulars, and people stopping in for the first time who will inevitably become regulars. To ensure this tradition continues, the founders of the cheese store are always coming up with new ideas and recipes. From the laboratory perched at the top of the stairs, Dominique has embraced the task of sharing his savoir-faire with the new shop clerks (including the young Jessica). There is an array of best-selling products such as brie with truffles (the best in France, let’s be honest), cream with poutargue (cured fish roe, a local delicacy), green olive tapenade, fresh pasta and ravioli… (this article simply does not have enough space to mention all the products one would like to buy!) Many clients first tasted these delights as children and now return as adults to relive their early holiday experiences. Another contributor to the shop, Florence Montagnier, contributes to the welcoming spirit by helping Carmen with the “art of choosing” to make sure clients receive the most beautiful slices of salmon for lunch, the best burrata cheese for dinner, the perfect amount of Japanese snack mix for the aperitif, and even that ideal jam or yuzu juice that can only be found at this shop.

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