A person's destiny is shaped by a few significant moments. For André Gas, it was a revolutionary movement, a decision not to impose a Bohemian life on his family, and an encounter with the extraordinary town of Saint-Tropez… When this young man from Marseille moved to Paris to attend the Beaux-Arts in Paris, the May 1968 student uprising broke out, so he was forced to stop his art studies and change his plans. “I used to sell paintings and engravings to get pocket money. Then came the jewelry, I was able to make a living out of it. I wanted to be an artist, but I became a craftsman! I've never regretted it.” In the summer, he would sell his creations on beaches across the South of France. When he discovered Saint-Tropez, he never left. He opened his boutique on the Place de la Garonne: “It's our lucky shop, our true flagship. We quickly attracted loyal customers, and now we serve their daughters and granddaughters!” His daughter Marie is the brand's artistic director, and every year she sets new trends, creates innovative collections, and designs magnificent jewelry. Certain models are specifically fabricated for Saint-Tropez. “We listen to what the Tropezian women want,” says Olivier, Marie's brother and the brand's CEO. “We've always manufactured on a just-in-time basis and we control the entire creative process. Everything is done in Marseille, by hand, at my father's historic workshop. There we have stocks of materials such as feathers, raffia, shells, pearls… Many of these items he unearthed during his 50 years of travels! Everyone comes to the workshop to draw inspiration from it; we have remained a very artisanal company.” It's true. Even though the company's jewelry is sold from Marseille to Bordeaux, from New York to Milan, and from Tokyo to Tel-Aviv, André Gas remains rooted to the South of France. He can almost always be found amid the bric-a-brac of his workshop. And to grasp the full personality of Gas Bijoux, you have to come here and experience the timeless atmosphere. You have to talk with the enamellers, the welders, the 60 or so craftspeople who work in this workshop in the heights of Marseille, as they recount their day-to-day lives working alongside a creative spirit who places freedom, tolerance, and cooperation above all else. “I owe them a lot, some of them have been here for more than 30 years.” And, as André says loud and clear, the Gas Bijoux brand's standing today is also thanks to Marie and Olivier. “They structured things, ushered in a modern approach, created the online shop. They are gifted, hard working, and highly principled. I am fortunate.” And the results can be seen first-hand. The jewelry that emerges from the workshop reflects the soul of the company: unexpected, generous, and extraordinary.

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