The sun rises on the Indie Beach House, the light filters through the bamboo fences and the cerused wood beams, and the breeze tickles people's linen beach clothes. It will be another balmy day in full leisure mode. “This beach reflects our experiences and travels in the Mediterranean, from the island of Mykonos to the coastline of the Middle East,” explains Tobias Chaix. “Indie Beach is a trendy, idyllic spot for families and young people, for the cosmopolitan clientele who love Saint-Tropez.” Tobias, along with his partners Vincent Luftman and Raphaël Blanc, are all between the ages of 27 and 30, and these three friends lead a team of 65 people who are devoted to the well-being of guests from 9am to 1am each day. Guests can luxuriate at beach tables with their feet in the sand as they enjoy beef, lamb, or fresh fish grilled over a wood fire, and perfectly seasoned with herbs and olive oil. “Customers can have side dishes of cauliflower au gratin, mashed Jalapeño peppers, and grated truffle fries: items that are fun to share,” says Tobias, who confesses his weakness for a Greek salad where feta, tomatoes, black olives, and onions come together in a perfect tangle. As the sun traces its path across the sky, a DJ provides a shamanic mix that spreads calm and tranquility… and the urge to sip on tequila. “We're very tequila,” Tobias says with a smile. “We've helped people fall in love with tequila again.” This year Indie Beach is celebrating its fourth anniversary. “We've been very well received by the Tropezians, and we have a good relationship with the people who live on the beach,” concludes Tobias. He is delighted to see that this hippie-chic venue has come to define the art of Tropezian living in “Indie” mode.

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