The first pair of Havaïanas to arrive on French soil… it was his doing! The first American Vintage T-Shirt, him again! Jean-Christophe Varesano certainly knows how to find the next big thing. He's a brand scout, a trend scout, a talent scout, and a success scout… And one thing is obvious: this amazing Mediterranean sales agent and entrepreneur adores the sea air as much as he loves to predict the winds of change. The goal is to find the perfect idea and to propose the perfect product… and, whenever possible, do it before anyone else! It isn't a surprise that this dynamo transforms everything he touches into a commercial triumph. His affinity with fashion and business has led him on countless adventures and taken him all over the world… “Everywhere I went, I could see that accessories were becoming more important, so I took a closer look at sunglasses,” he says. Having decided to start this project with his two brothers, he went to Asia to study the market and the manufacturing possibilities. “I found a reliable partner there, a very professional American company specializing in sunglasses, with its own production facilities.” As a result, the IYÜ brand—a name of Japanese inspiration with the umlauts added by Jean-Christophe—was able to develop and blossom. “I work on the collections with stylists, and we vary the materials and shapes of the frames, as well as the colors of the lenses,” explains Jean-Christophe. He draws his inspiration from books, magazines, and his travels. “When I'm in an airport, in Tokyo, London, or Dubai, I observe everything, I am always looking for new design ideas.” The result: original frames, lenses that meet French and European UV protection standards, and, above all, impeccable quality… And because this fashion addict loves to have ten of everything in his closet, he is selling his creations at prices that are as attractive as their style (between €29 and €49). “You can buy several pairs and match your glasses to your clothes… It's fun, easy, and authentic: everything I like!” The first IYÜ boutique opened in Bandol four years ago. Saint-Tropez, Sanary-sur-Mer, Bastia, and Juan-les-Pins followed. Now Jean-Christophe is planning to bring IYÜ to beaches around the world…

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