La Bouillabaisse is one of the rare beaches that is actually located within the town limits of Saint-Tropez. According to Ludo, who has owned the beach club for four years, many locals have become regulars, but it isn’t a question of convenience, it’s the divine setting and supreme menu that keep them coming back. “This spot takes its name from the bay, La Bouillabaisse, which has the same name as the famous fish soup,” says Ludo. “As for the mythical soup and its legendary rouille sauce, it is one of our most beloved dishes here.” This beach club has a carefree, youthful spirit that has made it a favorite of the regulars, who enjoy lazing about during the day before enjoying the sunset. “It’s a mind-blowing location, one of the few spots in the town where you get an exceptional view of the sunset,” explains Ludo. The days start amid the cool breezes around 9h30 or 10h00 and stretch until midnight. Deckchairs during the day, South Americans camped in the sand in the evening, a DJ and lounge playlist at cocktail hour… the scene is always changing. “I don’t like flashy looks, I don’t like superficial glitz,” Ludo warns. “I prefer white tablecloths and beige and honey wood to diamonds and stainless steel.” The restaurant’s menu is a source of pride, with seasonal produce and freshly caught fish making up most of the dishes. “When you are facing the sea, you must serve wonderful fish,” emphasizes Ludo. Salads and vegetarian proposals complete the menu, and Ludo is vigilant about ensuring that the quality of the service matches the sensational cuisine. The beach is very safe for children because the water is shallow, and the club offers rare and coveted services such as parking, valet service in the evening, and a ferry service that takes guests between their boats and the beach. “A successful day is a day full of laughter, where the guests fully enjoyed themselves at the table,” says Ludo. “We do everything we can to make sure that everyone who visits us wants to come back again.”

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