At the end of the 1950s, the wine merchant Tropez Beraud acquired a small vineyard with a charming farmhouse and an arched arbor. At first, there were only a few rooms available for guests. Then, over the years, more buildings were added and more rooms were opened. Eventually, the swimming pool and the restaurant completed the idyllic scene. Today, the Hotel La Figuière has 40 Provençal-inspired rooms in five houses with adjoining terraces. Cécile Chaix, Tropez's granddaughter, joined the family adventure in 2002: “In the mid-1990s, my mother took over management of the hotel that her father founded. I became involved so I could help continue what my grandfather created. It's a beautiful heritage, a property that is steeped in history.” The exquisite Rivages guide lists the most enchanting French hotels and guesthouses and it has recommended La Figuière for more than ten straight years! Since the hotel first opened its doors, unique personalities have come to enjoy its exceptional setting and glorious serenity: Helmut Newton, the artist César, whose grandfather was very close to the family, a handful of big names from the world of fashion… And then there was Roman Polanski, who wrote about the hotel in his autobiography, Roman: “Invited to sit on the jury at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, I took Sharon to Saint-Tropez in my red Ferrari, which I had brought by boat from Los Angeles. We spent a few quiet days at the Hotel La Figuière.” Famous or not, guests all feel a wonderful sense of wellbeing at the hotel; some of them even consider it a better version of their own private holiday home: “They don't have to do anything, just let themselves be swept away! We try to make their stay as enjoyable as possible… within reason, of course!” Hairstylist, massage therapist, pedicurist, car or bicycle rentals, the sense of service is integral to the spirit of the hotel. “We've preserved the authentic, sophisticated character of the houses—Salernes tiles, patinated chests of drawers, cotton fabrics—but we've also introduced a few contemporary elements, including Masters and Ghost chairs designed by Starck.” For lunch and dinner, the chef André Fumat offers delicious homemade meals and cooks fish to perfection. After 21 years with the restaurant, he knows the habits of loyal customers. The rosé that accompanies the meals comes from the Tropez estate managed by Grégoire Chaix, Cécile's brother. Everything is served by the pool or in the shade of the hundred-year-old mulberry trees in the gardens. And, it is often whispered that guests would like time to stand still so they can enjoy the calm and serenity under the fig trees again and again…

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