The Café de Paris is turning 2020 into a vintage year. To make the most of this summer, Saint-Tropez's vaunted bistro has been revamped. Brass fittings and oak woodwork define the interior while providing a compelling juxtaposition with the orange and natural beige tones of this vast room that has welcomed so many stars. The architects of this transformation are Julien and Axel, the new managers of the bistro. It's a good thing there are two of them to steer this flagship of Tropezian social life that is ideally located just meters from the Quai Suffren. Julien, who worked at the Bistro Pastis for seven years, and Axel, who put in long hours at Joseph's, lead a team of 40 people, 18 of whom work in the kitchen. This year has seen the creation of a shellfish bar that will thrill people seeking a nice accompaniment to their after-work glass of white wine or in the mood for generous trays that can be shared for lunch or dinner. “We've gone back to the classics of a French brasserie,” says Julien, who lists an array of traditional dishes such as roasted bone marrow, kidney, snails, and steamed cod. For the desserts, the chef Jean-François Anton creates favorites such as French toast, profiteroles, and crêpes Suzette. By privileging fresh, local products, Axel and Julien are underlining the attention to quality that they have brought to their menu. The wine cellar has also been re-imagined and now offers international customers the best appellations from across France, without forgetting, of course, the old favorites from the Côtes de Provence. “But we also really like J&B whiskey,” the managers say with a laugh. When beach season begins, the 150-seat terrace with its marble white furniture and orange seating areas comes alive. The champagne flutes tinkle in the setting sun and announce the pleasures of the coming night.

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