With its décor of palm trees, whitewashed walls, and Moroccan handiwork, the Salama is an authentic North African experience, and it enters its twentieth season with the same enthusiasm for welcoming guests it has always had. “It was my parents who founded this family-oriented restaurant,” says Frédérique Dorel. “With my husband, we have preserved its original spirit and enriched it with new gourmet offerings year after year.” With its riad themes to evoke the traditional houses of North Africa, the Salama is an invitation to be transported to exotic landscapes, and it offers a variety of Moroccan specialties. “Lots of fresh fish and authentic traditional cuisine,” insists Frédérique Dorel. Signature dishes include chicken pastilla, zaalouk, mechouia, and the famous whole lamb shoulder grilled in the oven and served with couscous. As for the desserts, each one is more addictive than the next, with people fawning over the milk and almond pastilla and the orange blossom snow eggs with roasted almonds. For the past few seasons, Middle Eastern inspirations have also found their way onto the menu… The restaurant is home to a cheerful staff of waiters that cater to romantic diners, families, and groups of friends who have come to celebrate an event. “Whatever your age, you will always be happy at Salama,” says Frédérique with a smile. “There are intimate tables and tables open to the entire room, whatever atmosphere matches your mood.” Under the leadership of Fabrice and Frédérique, the valet parking attendants, waiters, bartender, DJ, and chefs cultivate a rare sense of service. These are the values that are at the heart of Salama's popularity.

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