“With Jean-Pascal, we have the same vision of perfection and excellence, which is why we have chosen to work with Solarlux, the world's leading manufacturer of bi-folding doors and minimalist broad-format openings. With our shared values, it was an obvious partnership. The designs of this German brand are exceptionally well-made and breathtakingly beautiful. The panels measure up to six meters, weigh up to one ton, and have frame profiles as thin as 34 millimeters, and everything can be motorized. The designs can withstand anything: wind, rain, snow, or sea spray, so they meet the requirements of the most dynamic architects. The Solarlux doors, windows, and skylights marketed by Octogone are manufactured in an environmentally friendly 60 000m2 factory in Germany. The products are patented and certified, and they offer options for all types of architecture. Everything is developed by a sophisticated design office. We are convinced that we have found the best partner to offer our customers an innovative and high-performance solution that enhances their homes and guarantees their investments.”

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