“I've traveled a lot over the last ten years. These trips to the ends of the earth have also been internal voyages. They taught me about myself, about the power of my body. I went to ashrams in India, I was introduced to cupping therapy in Australia, I learned meditation techniques, I passed my hatha vinyasa yoga diploma, I discovered shamanism in Peru… These days, when I work with a person, I let myself be guided by intuition, and I use the techniques that seem most appropriate for the situation: Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine, Reiki energy, work on the meridians, Thai massage, plants and essential oils… I adapt to the person, to their energy and their needs. I am not here to heal; I am here to accompany people on the path to healing. Eventually, I plan to open a center dedicated to holistic and quantum healing that will offer yoga classes, massages, meditation, NLP therapy and neuroscience tools, alternative care… The scientific and the spiritual complement each other to strengthen each individual's mindset and allow everyone to find balance. In my opinion, the future is integrative medicine that links body, soul, and spirit.”

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