“I was immersed in the world of construction and real estate at a very young age, it's in my family's DNA. Our strength lies in our team. Our collaborators allow us to provide beautiful workmanship, efficient after-sales service, and a very high level of overall quality. In the past, masons dabbled in a little bit of everything: major structural work, roofing, tiling… the same team built a house from A to Z. Today, we have experts for each field: concrete, insulation, tiling… things are structured and rigorous, and we genuinely value savoir-faire. We choose our site managers, masons, laborers, and supervisors, but also our subcontractors and partners, with the greatest care. The same philosophy applies when we have to renovate an old house in the heart of the village of Saint-Tropez, which is a project that requires delicate underpinning work… these are jobs that really need our expertise and our network of specialists. It is a wonderful challenge, and we feel lucky and proud to be able to work to protect and enrich the heritage of our little village paradise.”

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