“I approach botany with great humility. We are so small in the face of nature. With every trip, I discover new species. I am self-taught; I learned with an encyclopedia and by listening to the elders I met on my journeys. They are a valuable source of knowledge. I started by cultivating olive trees in Spain in the early ’90s, then I turned to more exotic plants, especially those with exceptional characteristics. I have ‘plant trackers’ in several countries: Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, China, Thailand… They contact me when they find a rare species that might interest me. Some plants from the other side of the world can adapt well to the Mediterranean climate, or to other climates for clients that are farther away. These are the specimens that I am attracted to; I have learned to understand them. To help me at the nursery, I have a trustworthy ‘all-terrain’ team of loyal, motivated, and curious collaborators who share my love of plants. Together, we have created this unique and passionate business…”

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