It was Philippe, the father, who founded Piscine Arrosage Lefebvre in the early 1970s. His young wife quickly joined the company, and for years she managed the administrative and financial aspects with an iron fist. Today, Alexandre Lefebvre and his sister have taken over from their parents, and they have embraced the same rigorous approach and high standards. “As a child, I would often go with my father for emergency calls. Later, during the holidays, I worked on construction sites. I started with the basic tasks: watering, repairs, pool maintenance. Now, I know the business inside out.” As a company that operates like a big family, employees are far more than mere numbers. The average worker has been with the company for 15 years, and Alexandre’s father’s first employee retired only two years ago.While looking towards the future and continually searching for innovations to offer customers the most high-performance systems, Alexandre is also very attached to his father’s legacy. “My ambition is to preserve the values that have driven the company from the beginning, in particular the sense of service,” he explains. As proof of this commitment, the company has chosen to operate only in a limited geographical area to guarantee a high-level service and a quick response. For pool maintenance, a technician visits clients once a week in winter and twice in summer. It’s always the same person, and he or she always comes on the same day. For watering, there is a wide range of solutions, from the simple mechanisms to the most elaborate technological solutions. Each property is important, and the company is just as devoted to a 1000m2 garden as it is to a four-hectare estate. “Whatever the service, we have stood by the same guarantee for 45 years: quality above all else,” says Alexandre. The region’s most renowned architects are well aware of the company’s reputation, and when a client makes an unusual or challenging request, they know they can rely on the team’s expertise. “For example, we worked on a 65-meter long infinity pool with an extension of ten meters by ten meters! And it was all protected and heated.” But it can also be a question of installing a waterfall, improving an existing filtration system, managing an intricate watering system on a large property, ensuring perfect filtration in a pool, or solving an urgent water pressure problem. The company has always sought to be at the forefront of hydraulics and is continuously testing new products and offering innovative new materials. Piscine Arrosage Lefebvre’s designs have also been honored at trade shows in the United States and these recognitions have cemented the company’s reputation for excellence. “I like the constant challenge of this work. It’s exciting to tackle new technical challenges and make the most extravagant projects work.”

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