“When I was a child, my father used to go around France every week to hunt for old materials. He ran the shop until last year. After 30 years of working for the family business, I’m now in charge. It was an easy decision. Today, the catalogue is wider, with contemporary products and a large choice of new materials. There's something for every taste! We are often consulted by architects who are renovating or decorating second homes, but this isn’t our only business. We have regulars, a family clientele. We also have unique projects, such as the hand-made glazed tiles that we shipped to Florida for a restaurant. On another occasion, a decorator had us ship several containers of selected tiles to Qatar. No matter what the location, we manage to get the job done! We also have a stonecutter who makes custom-made bathroom and kitchen countertops, steps, windowsills, fountains… At our shop, we are committed to service in every sense of the word!”

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