“Our maxim is to take time. We can have the most beautiful products in the world, but if we don't open our ears and listen, it's useless! Some people visit us so they can stroll through the different universes of options… There are also people who come with their tiler or architect to make sure they don't make a mistake in their choice. All types of clients are welcome, we have a vast selection that will satisfy almost everybody's needs and desires. This business has a family history. In the 1960s, my grandfather brought terracotta tiles from Spain and Italy to Grimaud, but it was my mother who created Sable d'Or. When I was a little girl, they used to take me with them to the big showrooms. I've always been immersed in this world. What I like is to create different atmospheres, to give a new life to rooms. It's so important to feel in harmony with your home. I love terracotta. There are a thousand ways to use it, it can be contemporary, designer, traditional, with or without special finishes. It is a natural product, which evolves with time, changes with the seasons. Some models are absolutely magnificent.”

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