“May ’68 had a big influence on me, I was brought up by young parents who were very free and non-conformist. So maybe it's not an accident that this place is impossible to define… It is a shop of marvels where you can find all sorts of things, simple or sophisticated, whimsical or charming, all at very different prices. There are baskets, bags, clothes, beach games... Every summer, I arrange everything according to my tastes; I am more of a decorator than a shopkeeper. I am drawn to natural materials and colors, such as white and blue. We also have official ‘Le Club 55’ products: plates, champagne buckets, caps, polo shirts, T-shirts, canvas bags, pouches... I love children, so my shop couldn't exist without a poetic and playful corner just for them. This also allows me to plunge back into my childhood when I place orders. I love the generous, sensory, and luminous aspects of this place. You come, you rummage around, you poke about, you take your time...”

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